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Classroom checklist

Computers with internet access

Students should have their own computer, or a shared computer, with internet connection


When available, each student should have their own set of headphones to reduce noise

Google account

If students don't have one already, they can create one at

Applied Digital Skills website

Students sign in at to join your class

Video tutorials

Learn how to teach Applied Digital Skills

Watch these videos to learn how to teach Applied Digital Skills in your classroom or remotely

  1. What is Applied Digital Skills?

    Video 13:08

    Learn about the Applied Digital Skills program

  2. Explore the Applied Digital Skills Curriculum

    Video 22:46

    Take a closer look at the Applied Digital Skills curriculum and one of its lessons

  3. Test Out an Applied Digital Skills Lesson

    Video 31:33

    Try an Applied Digital Skills lesson yourself

  4. Create a Class and Explore Teacher Resources

    Video 45:12

    Learn how to create a class, assign lessons, and find the teacher resources for each lesson

  5. Plan Your First Lesson

    Video 54:30

    Prepare for the first day of Applied Digital Skills instruction

  6. Teach Your First Lesson

    Video 61:41

    Review tips for helping your first lesson go smoothly

  7. Assess Your First Lesson and Start Planning Your Next One

    Video 73:31

    Reflect on your first lesson and start planning your next one


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