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Guide to an Area

Use structured data to create an interactive guide to an area in a spreadsheet.
Time to complete

timer 4 - 6 hours

Suitable for

Middle and High School

Skills covered
  • Organize data
  • Manipulate data
  • Automate a task
Lesson plans keyboard_arrow_right
Rubric keyboard_arrow_right
Activity 1: Create an Area Guide
  1. play_circle_filled Organize Data to Create an Area Guide
  2. play_circle_filled Why Structured Data?
  3. play_circle_filled Choose an Area
  4. play_circle_filled Add Column Headings
  5. play_circle_filled Add Three Places to Visit
  6. play_circle_filled Include More Places to Explore
  7. play_circle_filled Reusing Data in Multiple Ways
  8. play_circle_filled Activity Reflection for Why Structured Data
Activity 2: Add Filters and Custom Rating Scales
  1. play_circle_filled Introduction to Sortable Data
  2. play_circle_filled Make a Rating Scale
  3. play_circle_filled Rate Locations with Data Validation
  4. play_circle_filled Sort and Filter Your Data
  5. play_circle_filled The Power of Sortable Data
  6. play_circle_filled Activity Reflection for Sortable Data
Activity 3: Add Interactive Images
  1. play_circle_filled Add Interactive Images
  2. play_circle_filled Start Coding an Interactive Sidebar
  3. play_circle_filled Add an Image to Your Area Guide
  4. play_circle_filled Embed an Image Link in a Spreadsheet Cell
  5. play_circle_filled Customize Titles and Instructions
  6. play_circle_filled Add More Embedded Media
  7. play_circle_filled Sidebar Wrap Up
  8. play_circle_filled Activity Reflection for Add Interactive Images
Activity 4: Make a Custom Map
  1. play_circle_filled Reuse Your Work to Make a Map
  2. play_circle_filled Create Your Map
  3. play_circle_filled Customization Options in My Maps
  4. play_circle_filled Same Data, Different Users
  5. play_circle_filled Activity Reflection on Reuse Your Work
Activity 5: Unit Wrap Up
  1. play_circle_filled Business and Beats: Structured Data Has Many Uses
  2. play_circle_filled Guide to an Area Reflection
  3. play_circle_filled Guide to an Area Extensions