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Capstone Project

These lessons help your students plan, organize, and execute a community service project to give back to their school or community.

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7 Lessons in this Collection

Plan Your Community Service Project

Collaborate with your class using Google Sheets to plan and organize a large-scale project for something you would like to do for your school or community.

Write a Press Release

Communicate the important details of a project to the public by writing a press release in Google Docs.

Design a Website to Promote a Project

Promote a community project by building a website with Google Sites.

Share Community Service Project Results

Share the results of a community project with an audience by creating a slideshow presentation.

Manage Project Communication

Manage communication for your large-scale group project with digital tools.

Schedule Project Tasks in Google Sheets

Create a schedule for a community project by collaborating in Google Sheets.

Make a Promotional Flyer

Raise awareness about a project and recruit volunteers by creating a flyer in Google Drawings.

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