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Plan and Budget

Research and collect data about a long-term, contractual purchase, like a cell phone and data plan.
Time to complete

timer 5 - 7 hours

Suitable for

College and Continuing Education

Skills covered
  • Conditional formulas
  • Data analysis
  • Organizing data
Lesson plans keyboard_arrow_right
Activity 1: Make a Long-Term Spending Decision
  1. play_circle_filled Budget to Make Good Financial Decisions
  2. play_circle_filled Long-Term Spending Decisions
  3. play_circle_filled Review Spreadsheet Terms
  4. play_circle_filled Research and Collect Data
  5. play_circle_filled Research Costs
  6. play_circle_filled Add Rows and Duplicate Formulas
  7. play_circle_filled Use Data to Inform a Decision
  8. play_circle_filled Using Formulas to Inform Decisions
  9. assessment CCE Plan and Budget Activity 1 Reflection
Activity 5: Plan for a Vacation
  1. play_circle_filled Plan a Vacation
  2. play_circle_filled Set Up Your Spreadsheet and Start Your Research
  3. extension Research Your Vacation
  4. play_circle_filled Vacation Wrap Up
  5. assessment CCE Plan and Budget Activity 5 Reflection
Activity 6: CCE Plan and Budget Unit Wrap Up
  1. play_circle_filled Budgets
  2. assessment CCE Plan and Budget Unit Reflection