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Start the year by incorporating digital skills into your classroom. These lessons help students get organized, plan study schedules and more.

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13 Lessons in this Collection

Create a Study Schedule to Meet Your Goals

Learn how to organize and track your goals using Google Sheets.

Track Due Dates and Tasks in Gmail

Keep track of important dates and tasks using your Gmail side panel.

Schedule Emails for Goal-Setting

Set goals and check-in points for the school year by writing an email to yourself, then scheduling it to send at a later date.

Organize a Club with Google Sheets

Collaborate with classmates to organize a club with Google Sheets.

Create a Scrapbook

Use images, text, and video to compile a digital scrapbook to share with your friends and family.

Design and Share a Digital Badge

Recognize the words and actions of classmates by creating a digital badge for a scrapbook.

Manage Your Time with Google Sheets

Analyze your day and use what you learn to make decisions about how you spend your time.

Create a Guessing Game

Create and play a guessing game with classmates.

Organize Your Time with a Digital Agenda

Create a digital agenda by adding events, tasks, and reminders in Google Calendar.

Create a Digital Picture Book

Write a compelling story with images by creating a digital picture book slideshow presentation.

Design a Poster About You

Introduce yourself to your classmates by creating a poster you can print with Google Drawings.

Practice Spelling Words by Following Clues

Learn and practice how to spell vocabulary words using a slideshow presentation.

Present Your Ideas for Classroom Expectations

Brainstorm classroom expectations and create a slideshow presentation about them.

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