5. Share Your Story with a Partner

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In this video, you will digitally share your emoji rebus story with a partner.

If you don’t have a partner, ask your teacher.

One of the best parts of writing a story is sharing it with others.

Sharing an emoji rebus story makes the experience even more exciting.

Whoever you share your story with will have fun trying to figure out what each of your emojis is supposed to represent. At the same time, they will be able to practice using context clues to help them understand the meanings of the emojis.

To begin, share your story with a partner.

When you share, set the permission to view only.

Your partner will then be able to read your story without accidentally making any changes.

Have your partner read the rebus story aloud to you. Check your copy as your partner reads.

Think about these questions as you listen: Are there any words that they couldn’t guess using the emojis?

Did they get the point of the story?

Then, swap roles and read your partner’s story.

Use context clues as you read to figure out the meanings of your partner’s emojis.

When you have both finished, share your original copies with each other, so you can see how your stories went from regular stories to emoji rebus stories in just a few steps!

Now, it’s your turn: Share your story with a partner, Listen as your partner reads, And read your partner’s story.


  1. Share your story with a partner.
  2. Listen as your partner reads.
  3. Read your partner’s story.