4. Replace Words with Emojis

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In this video, you will replace some of the words or phrases from your story with emojis.

You will look for words in your story that emojis can take the place of.

Adding emojis to your story makes it unique.

You can use your creativity to decide which words to replace.

People, objects, and feelings and emotions are all possible emojis you can use in your story.

When you share your completed story, your partner and anyone else you share with will have fun reading and figuring out the meaning of the emojis you have added.

To begin, make a copy of your story.

You will make changes to the copy so that you can still compare it to the original file.

Then, reread your story. As you read, find words that might be replaced by emojis.

Find the emoji category that fits your word.

Insert the emoji.

Keep replacing words throughout the story.

Find at least 10 words or phrases to replace with emojis.

As you look through the emoji options, you may find additional words that you can replace with emojis that you didn’t think of before!

If you are having trouble finding a particular emoji, use the search bar.

If you can’t find the exact image you are looking for, it is okay to change your story a bit.

When you have completed your story, read it again.

See if you can remember the meanings of all of the emojis you added.

You can always check your original story document to see how successful you were!

Now, it’s your turn: Make a copy of your story, Replace at least 10 words with emojis, And review your story.


  1. Make a copy of your story.
  2. Replace at least 10 words with emojis.
  3. Review your story.