Kick off the new school year with lessons from our Back to School 2022 collection to help students express themselves, build relationships, and stay organized.

1. Introduction to Write a Story Using Emojis

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There are many ways to tell stories. Maybe you enjoy watching TV shows and movies, or reading novels, comics, or magazines.

These are all different ways to tell a story.

Another way to tell a story is with a rebus.

In a rebus, some of the words are replaced with symbols or pictures.

You can create a rebus with the same emojis you might use when communicating by text or online.

Emojis are small digital images or icons that express an emotion or an idea.

Writing an emoji rebus story is an exciting way to share a narrative.

Also, readers may have to practice using context clues to figure out which words or phrases your emojis represent.

In this lesson, you will write a short story in a document about any topic you’d like.

Then, you will replace some of the words in your story with emojis.

Finally, you and a partner will share your stories with each other.

You will see if you can each understand the other’s rebus.

This lesson uses Google Docs, but you could apply these skills and concepts in any word processing application or even on a piece of paper.

To work on this lesson, sign in to your Google account.

Open a new tab in your browser, and navigate to Google dot com.

If you are not signed in, do so now.

If you do not have a Google account, pause the video and create one.

To begin, open your Google Drive.

Next, create a document and rename it.

Then, move on to the next video to begin writing your story.

Now, it’s your turn: Open a new document, And rename the document.


  1. Open a new document.
  2. Rename the document.
Before sharing your work with your teacher, follow these steps to give them access to your file:
  1. Open your file.
  2. Click "Share" in the upper right corner.
  3. Add your teacher's email address.
  4. Give them "Commenter" or "Editor" access
  5. Click "Done"