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3. Write an Introductory Paragraph

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In this video, you will add the most important details about your project to your press release.

When you write a press release, you should include the most important information about your project in the beginning.

People who read your press release online or in a newspaper will quickly learn the purpose for your project and other details that might earn their support.

If there is an upcoming event, such as a neighborhood cleanup, you might gain some volunteers.

As you write your press release, hold these two writing tips in mind: Keep your writing objective.

While you may be excited by your project and find it rewarding, you want to stick with the facts and details in your press release, not your opinion.

Be clear and concise.

Include your details in as few words as possible, so readers can find out about your project quickly and easily.

A standard press release is no more than one sheet of paper.

To begin, add a dateline.

A dateline tells the location and date the press release was written.

This is important so the media sources know they are receiving the most up-to-date information.

Then, start your introductory paragraph, using third person.

An effective press release answers several questions about your project event, including Who is involved?

What will happen?

When will it happen?

Where will it happen?

Why will it happen?

And how will it happen?

You can include answers to the questions who, what, when, and where right away.

When people read your press release, they will be able to find these important details easily without rereading the entire article.

If your press release is about an event that already happened, you will answer these questions using the past tense.

If you are working with a group to write your press release, you can each add details and make suggestions.

Continue writing your paragraph.

Add details that will give readers an idea of what your group has accomplished or hopes to accomplish.

As you write, always keep your readers in mind.

Think about what they would want to know about your project.

Anyone from your group can add comments and make suggestions as you work.

This will ensure that you include all of the most important project details in your press release.

Explain why your group decided to undertake this project.

This will help readers understand your purpose.

Doing something for your school or community can often be inspiring to others.

After you have completed your introductory paragraph, reread it to make sure you have included the most important project details.

If a group has been adding text to the press release, be sure to read it all the way through carefully to make sure everything is organized and accurate, and nothing has been repeated.

Now, it’s your turn: Add a dateline, Write an introductory paragraph.

And collaborate with your group to write text and make suggestions.


  1. Add a dateline.
  2. Write an introductory paragraph.
  3. Collaborate with your group to write text and make suggestions.