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4. Add More Project Details and a Closing

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In this video, you will complete your press release by adding more project details in a middle and closing paragraph.

You have added the most important information about your project, but you still have more to tell.

Adding additional paragraphs to your press release will give readers a clear and complete picture of what your project is all about.

You might share an interesting fact.

Or you might include details about the ways people can get involved in your project.

To begin, start a new paragraph.

Then, add project details.

If you are calling on people to join your cause, you can give readers information about what they might need to do to get involved.

Include any details that you think might be important to share with the public.

You might add a sentence that shows gratitude towards past or future participants.

Thanking volunteers who have helped or who might decide to help can leave readers with a good feeling.

In your closing paragraph, share contact information with readers.

The contact details you added at the top of your document are for the media only.

Include as many contact details as possible, including a phone number, email address, and project website, if your group has one.

This will ensure that readers have several different ways to ask questions and learn more about your efforts.

To signal the end of your press release, add three hashtags.

Now, it’s your turn: Add at least one new paragraph with project details, Add a closing paragraph with contact information, And signal the end of your press release.


  1. Add at least one new paragraph with project details.
  2. Add a closing paragraph with contact information.
  3. Signal the end of your press release.