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2. Add Contact Information and a Headline

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In this video, you will add contact information and a headline to your press release.

You and your group have worked hard and want to tell everyone about your group’s efforts.

You may have done something that will help many in your school or community.

Or you might be planning a big event that you would like your fellow students or community members to attend.

When you write a press release, it’s important to include your contact information, such as your group’s name, address, and phone number.

Adding contact information will provide a way for newspapers and other media sources to contact someone in your group if they have questions or want further details about your project.

To begin, label your document.

You want to let the media know when they can include this article in their publication or their website.

An immediate release can be published right away.

If you want to hold your press release until a later date, write “HOLD RELEASE UNTIL” and add the earliest date you would like it published or posted.

Then, add your contact details to your press release.

Start with the name of your school or group.

Add the rest of your contact information in an organized way at the top.

This will help the media find this information quickly.

Include the name and contact details for the person who the media should contact directly with questions.

This person might be a member of your school faculty or your group leader.

Next, add a headline.

Your headline should be both informative and memorable.

You want your press release to get noticed so that the people you send your press release to will want to publish it and the people who read it will want to learn more about your project.

Center your headline on the page.

Then, format it so that it attracts more attention.

Now, it’s your turn: Add contact information to your press release, And add and format a headline.


  1. Add contact information to your press release.
  2. Add and format a headline.