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In this extension, you will share your cover letter with one of your classmates.

You will then read your classmate’s cover letter as if you were the potential employer and take notes in the document.

Reading other people’s cover letters can give you ideas for your own that you may not have thought of.

Getting feedback from someone else about your letter can help you make the letter stronger.

To begin, sign in to your Google account and go back to your original cover letter.

Share your letter with a classmate and select the permission you want to use.

Edit means the person you share with can make changes directly in your document.

Comment allows them to make comments, but not change the document.

And view lets them see your document only.

Open your classmate’s letter after they have shared it with you.

Slowly read your classmate’s letter pretending that you are the person it is addressed to.

As you read through the letter as the potential employer, ask yourself what skills this person will bring to the job. Take notes in the document.

Based on the information you read, do you have any questions for this candidate?

Finally, imagine if you didn’t know this person at all.

What impression did this letter give you of their personality?

If time allows, discuss your comments with your classmate and get feedback on your own letter.

Now, it’s your turn: Exchange your letter with a classmate, Read your classmate’s letter from the perspective of a potential employer, And take notes about any questions and impressions you have.

Choose an Extension
Create a Cover Letter for a Different Job

Research a different job and company in a document and change your original cover letter to apply for that job.

Exchange Your Letter with a Classmate

Read a classmate's cover letter and make notes from the perspective of a potential employer.

Create a List of Accomplishments

Write a list of your specific accomplishments that you can reference when writing future cover letters.


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