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In this extension, you will create a list of accomplishments to have on hand so you are ready to write future cover letters.

Remember that you should write a new cover letter for any job you apply to.

Having a list of accomplishments already created can help you write each letter more quickly and include useful information.

Your list can include: School accomplishments, Things you’ve done as part of another activity, Honors you’ve received, Things you’ve accomplished and learned in volunteer work, And anything else that would help show a potential employer that you’re the best candidate.

To begin, sign in to your Google account.

Open a new document and rename it.

Divide your document into categories for each accomplishment.

Think about items you can list for each of these categories.

For school accomplishments, maybe you did well in a particular course or led a club.

List anything specific you did as part of another activity, such as a sports team or the school band.

Add any honors you’ve received in school or the community.

List anything you’ve accomplished in your volunteer work.

Finally, add anything else you feel might meet a potential employer’s needs.

Format the text and add bulleted lists to make everything easier to read.

By creating this list of accomplishments, you will be ready to quickly create a specific cover letter for any job you’re interested in.

Now, it’s your turn: Write a list of accomplishments in a document, And format the text and add bulleted lists.

Choose an Extension
Create a Cover Letter for a Different Job

Research a different job and company in a document and change your original cover letter to apply for that job.

Exchange Your Letter with a Classmate

Read a classmate's cover letter and make notes from the perspective of a potential employer.

Create a List of Accomplishments

Write a list of your specific accomplishments that you can reference when writing future cover letters.


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