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In the main lesson, you used Google Tour  Builder to create a virtual tour on a map, using locations, descriptions,  images, and videos to tell a story.

In this extension, you will tell  your own story using a virtual tour, highlighting the places in your life that matter  to you. Sharing your personal story not only gives you a sense of pride, but helps others  learn more about you and what makes you unique.

To complete this lesson, you will: Create a new tour and title it, Add a tour introduction, Add three to four locations, Add images, and Preview and share your tour.

To begin, navigate to

Sign in, then create a new tour.

Give the tour a title and  add your name as the author.

Next, add an image to your tour  introduction. You can use Google search to find an image that relates to you,  or you can upload one from your own computer.

Then, write a tour introduction. Give  a brief explanation about who you are and what your tour is about.

Next, add three to four locations to your tour.  Start with the location where you were born. If you don’t know the specific city, you can add  something more broad, like the state or country.

You might add places like where you  grew up, schools you’ve attended, favorite places, or where  you are currently living.

Be careful you don’t share too much  personal information. Instead of adding exact addresses of places where you’ve lived,  consider adding only the name of the city.

Now, add dates and descriptions to your locations.

Your location descriptions help  explain why they’re important.

Offer interesting facts or details about you  and your life that might surprise your viewers.

If you don’t know the exact dates, add  what you do know, or leave them blank.

Add enough details so your  viewers learn more about you.

Next, add an image from the web to each location.

The image should represent  something about the location.

Search for the image and make sure you have  the right to use it. Then, add the image.

Repeat the steps to add more images.

When you finish, take your tour!

Then, share your tour with classmates. They will  enjoy learning more about the important places and events that are meaningful to you.

Now, it’s your turn: Create a new tour and title it, Add a tour introduction, Add three to four locations, Add images, and Preview and share your tour.

Choose an Extension
Tell Your Personal Story with Google Tour Builder

Create a personal tour about your life using Google Tour Builder.

Add Additional Places to Your Tour

Add more locations and images to your story tour.

Share Your Tour

Share your virtual tour with others.