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The next step after creating your virtual tour  is to decide how you want others to see it.

You can choose to share it  only with specific people, or you can make it available for a wider  audience to view. In this extension, you will digitally share your virtual tour  with a classmate or with a wider audience.

To begin, sign in to your Google account  and go back to your original project.

You might want to keep your tour private  and only share it with specific people.

This way of sharing makes sense if your tour  tells a personal story that you only want to share with specific people you trust, or if you  are still developing the tour and you want only a few classmates or your teacher to see it and  provide feedback before sharing it more widely.

To share with a specific person,  enter their email address.

You can add more than one person by  separating the email addresses with commas.

To access the tour, they will have  to sign into their Google account.

They will get an email with a  link to open and view the tour.

If you wish to share your  tour with a wider audience, make it available so that anyone with the  link can access it without needing to log in. But before sharing it this way,  consider the topic in your virtual tour.

Depending on your tour’s topic, it may contain  personal information, or information you only want certain people to know, like friends and family. Making your virtual tour available to anyone who has the link is useful if you want to share it  on your website, blog, email, or social media.

Now, it’s your turn: Share your virtual tour with a classmate or teacher, and Share it with a wider audience.

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