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In this extension, you will add  more places to your virtual tour.

Adding more locations to your virtual tour  allows you to share even more facts, details, and other important information with your viewers. To complete this lesson, you will: Add at least two more locations to your tour, Add dates and details for each location, Add images, and Preview your virtual tour.

To begin, open the virtual tour that you  created in the main lesson and edit your tour.

Next, add at least two locations.  If the places you’ve already added are the locations where the key  parts of your story take place, consider adding locations where smaller but  still interesting events in your story happened, or something that is lesser-known  but still contributes to the story.

You can add a location by placing it on the  map manually. This is useful for locations that don’t necessarily have an exact address,  or locations that are in a broad, general area.

Give your custom location a name.

Now, place the locations you just added in  the order they take place in your story.

You can easily rearrange the  order of your locations by dragging the location cards  up and down in the list.

Add dates and descriptions to your  new places. If you don’t know the date or just have a partial date, add the  information you do have, or leave it blank.

Include interesting facts and other  details to draw your readers in.

What makes this location  interesting in your story?

Next, add an image to each location.  The image should represent the location or the event that took place  in your story at that location.

Search for the image and make sure you have  the right to use it. Then, add the image.

Then, repeat the process to add another image.

Finally, preview your tour to make sure the  locations you added are in their proper order and to check dates and  descriptions for any errors.

Now, it’s your turn: Add at least two additional locations to your tour. Add a date, description, and an image to each location, and Preview your virtual tour.

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