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In this video, you will add  an introduction to your tour.   The introduction to your virtual tour will help  your viewers understand what your tour is about.   And, describing your story can help you decide  which locations to include in your tour.  To begin, find an image for your tour  introduction. You can use Google search   to find an image that relates to the main  theme of your story. For example, if your   story is the biography of a person, use a famous  photo of them as your introduction image. Or,   if your story is the evolution of an  invention, select an image of the invention.  Search for the image and make sure  you have the right to use the image.  Next, write a short description of your tour.   Identify the general topic of your tour. Explain  the story you plan to tell. As you describe   your story, think about where and when it takes  place, and share this scope in your description.  Scope is a range of time and space. For example, if your story is the American   Civil War, your scope is the mid-1800s, especially  1861 to 1865, and mostly the American South. If   your story is the development of the written word,  your scope will be much longer and wider--from the   year 3400 BC to the present  day, from Mesopotamia to the Silicon Valley.  Your scope could also be as short  as several days, weeks, or months.  Now, it’s your turn: Add an image for the   introduction of your tour, and Write a description of your tour.


  1. Add an image for the introduction of your tour.
  2. Write a description of your tour.