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A digital map can help you  travel through time and distance.

You can look at key places from afar and consider  what happened there at a certain time in history.

In this video, you will build  your tour by dropping digital pins at each of the main locations in your story.

To begin, add a location to your tour.

Search for the first location in your story.  For example, if your story is the history of the industrial revolution, you might search  for the location of where it began. Or, if your story is the tale of a historical figure’s  life, search for the place where they were born.

Add five to six locations that  represent key events in your story.

Dropping pins at each of these locations  will give you a visual picture of the event.

If the location isn’t exactly where you want  it, you can always drag the marker to move it.

Continue adding locations to your tour.

Now, it’s your turn: Search and add locations for  5-6 major events in your story.


  1. Search and add locations for 5-6 major events in your story.