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7. Extensions: Understand Your Digital Footprint

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In the main lesson, you painted a picture of your digital footprint in a spreadsheet based on actions you take online.

In this extension, you will think more about the assumptions people might make about you based on your digital footprint. You will add a comment to your name in the spreadsheet and describe what impression someone could get about you based on your online actions and the information those actions leave behind. To begin, open your spreadsheet.

Choose one online action that you take. What might someone think about you based on this activity? For example, maybe you like posts on social media. Think about what kinds of posts you support.

Maybe you like a lot of posts about rugby. Or you watch a lot of cat videos. These actions might tell people that you are a person who likes rugby or cats.

Examine each of your online activities. What kind of picture could someone paint of you based on all the activities in your list? Now, select your name and add a comment.

Write a description of yourself from someone else’s perspective. What do you think someone might assume about you by looking at your digital footprint?

List two or three things you think your digital footprint says about you.

Everyone who uses the internet has a digital footprint, but it’s important to think about what impression you give others through your online activity.

Now, it’s your turn: Open your spreadsheet, Look at the actions you take online, and ask yourself what they say about you, then Insert a comment with two or three things you think your digital footprint says about you.

Choose an Extension
What Does Your Digital Footprint Say About You?

In this extension, students think about their online actions and add a comment in Google Sheets to describe what impressions their digital footprint may give about themselves.

Shape Your Digital Footprint

In this extension, students add a section to their spreadsheet and list at least three things they can do online to shape their digital footprint in a positive way.

Make a Digital Footprint Poster

In this extension, students make a poster to encourage others to investigate and manage their digital footprint.

Add Weight to Your Digital Footprint

In this extension, students consider the different impact each online action may have on their digital footprint and give each one a weight.

Research Ways to Reduce Your Digital Footprint

In this extension, students research ways to reduce their digital footprint and create a checklist with recommendations.

Your Ideal Digital Footprint

In this extension, students create a presentation with ideas for building their ideal digital footprint.


Choose an extension video to continue learning about managing your digital footprint and gaining digital skills.