4. Add Color to Your Digital Footprint

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In this video, you will indicate which online actions you take part in.

You will add your own column to the spreadsheet and an “x” for every action you take online.

Then, you’ll add conditional formatting to visually show your digital footprint.

To begin, add your name to a column in the spreadsheet.

Bold the text.

Next, read through your list of online actions.

If the action is something you have done or might do online, place an "X" in that row.

Once you have marked all of the things that you do online, add conditional formatting so you can clearly see your online activities.

Conditional formatting changes the color of spreadsheet cells if they meet certain conditions, such as containing a particular word or number.

To add a conditional formatting rule, select your own column in the sheet.

Then, in conditional formatting, add a rule that tells Google Sheets to format the cell “if” the text contains an X.”

Choose a color that reflects your personality and is different from any group members you might be working with.

Now, it’s your turn: Create a column with your name as the header, Add an "X" for each of your online actions, And use conditional formatting to add color to your digital footprint.


  1. Create a column with your name as the header.
  2. Add an X for each of your online actions.
  3. Use conditional formatting to add color and paint a picture of your digital footprint.