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4. Organize Tasks by Date and Time

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When you create a task list, you can leave it as a simple to-do list. Or, you can assign each task a date and time.

In this video, you will organize your task list using dates and times.

A major assignment or event might require several steps in order for you to complete or prepare for it.

Adding dates and times to your tasks will make it easier to prepare for your big due date.

The dates and times are added to your calendar as well.

This will help you remember when to complete each step and work at a good pace to meet your deadlines.

To begin, open your task window.

Find the task list you would like to edit.

Then, add a date and time for your first task.

The date and time you choose should indicate when you want to complete your task.

Your teacher may require you to complete certain steps by a specific date.

For example, you may have an outline for a paper due two weeks before the final paper.

Think of each task as one step toward meeting your final due date.

Continue adding dates and times to your task list to show when they need to be completed.

You may have a task that you will do several times before your due date, such as practicing lines for a play.

Make this a recurring task and choose how often you want to repeat it.

When you finish editing your task list, the list will automatically show your tasks in order by date and time.

As you complete a task, check it off your list.

This shows what you have completed and what is left to do.

You will see the completed task crossed off on your calendar as well.

You can still access the completed task if you need to.

Now, it’s your turn: Add dates and times to your tasks, Use the repeat option for recurring tasks, And mark tasks complete.


  1. Add dates and times to your tasks.
  2. Use the repeat option for recurring tasks.
  3. Mark tasks complete.