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3. Create a Task List to Prepare for Your Due Date

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When you have added due dates to your events, you can begin to plan for them by creating tasks.

In this video, you will create a task list in your Gmail side panel to prepare for your due date.

Whatever your event is, there are probably steps you need to take to prepare.

You might need to read chapters in your textbook, make flash cards, write an outline, or practice lines or songs.

Making a list of tasks to complete before the due date and adding them to your calendar will help you stay organized and keep you on track for meeting your due date.

To begin, open your calendar directly from Gmail.

Find an assignment or event that you would like to prepare for.

Then, open your task window.

Create a new task list.

Then, add a task to your list.

Think of each task as a step you need to take to successfully prepare for your due date.

The task might be something simple, such as reading a chapter or script.

Next, add more tasks.

Some tasks might involve more than just one step.

For example, you might need to coordinate with someone if you are completing the task together.

If so, you can add a subtask to the task.

Now, it’s your turn: Create a new task list, Add tasks to your list, And add subtasks if needed.


  1. Create a new task list.
  2. Add tasks to your list.
  3. Add subtasks if needed.