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2. Add a New Assignment and Due Date

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In this video, you will use your Gmail side panel to add a due date for an assignment to your Google Calendar.

Using Gmail tools to keep track of due dates helps you plan ahead and remember those dates.

The side panel in Gmail allows you to add tasks and calendar dates quickly.

Adding due dates here also adds them to your Google Calendar, so you can check deadlines from any computer or device by logging into your Google account.

To begin, open your Gmail account.

Then, open the calendar in the side panel.

Add a title for your event. If it is an assignment, state what the assignment is.

Your title should be short and simple so you can find and read it quickly.

Next, set your due date. If you are turning in a paper, your start and end date and time will most likely be the same.

If it is a test or other event that happens over time, adjust the times and dates as needed.

You can also mark an event as “all day” if you are taking an all-day exam or participating in an all-day event, for example.

Indicating that your event will last all day will also block off that day in your calendar.

Anyone you share your calendar with will see that you will be busy that day.

Next, add more information about your assignment or event.

Include details in your description that will help you complete everything you need to by your due date.

Then, save your due date.

Add at least one more event and due date.

Now, it’s your turn: Add 2 or more due dates to your calendar, And add details and descriptions for each assignment.


  1. Add 3 or more due dates to your calendar.
  2. Add details and descriptions for each assignment.