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Activists Use Social Media to Create a Movement

Discover how digital tools allow people all over the world to connect with others to coordinate social change.

Citizen Journalism: How Technology has Changed Reporting on Current Events

Learn how technology communicates news events in real time and gives everyday citizens the opportunity to participate in journalism.

How Technology Has Changed Entertainment

Explore how technology is changing the way people consume entertainment and how it is produced and delivered.

Technology and Natural Disasters

Learn about how technological advances are helping to reduce the dangerous impacts of natural disasters.

How Technology Affects Jobs and Work

Discover how advances in technology and automation affect the workforce and availability of jobs for human employees.

Social Media and Politics

Learn about how social media is used by politicians and voters to participate in political discussions.

When Tech Takes the Wheel: Self-Driving Cars

Explore self-driving cars and the exciting possibilities and ethical dilemmas associated with the technology.

The Technology of Terrorism

Learn about how technology can be used to spread terrorist agendas and why it is difficult to control online terrorist activities without interfering with free speech laws.

Politics, Protest, and Power: Social Media and Revolution

Discover how technology played an important role in the Arab Spring social movement.

Social Media and Gender Equality

Learn how social media can be used as a platform to raise awareness of gender inequality issues.