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Welcome to Technology, Ethics, and Security.

Technology is always changing.

A few years ago, it was hard to imagine things like wearable technology, 3-D printing, internet shopping, and drones.

But now they are part of daily life.

Technology also has a dark side. You may have heard about hackers, stolen identities, online bullying, and disasters like drones flying too close to aircraft.

In this activity, you will explore technology risks and dangers like these.

You might even come up with solutions to keep others safe.

Now, it’s your turn.

Click Next to move on and choose a topic.

Explore your topic in an internet search.

Create a project in a Google application.

and present your project to your classmates.

Click the link to get started with Technology, Ethics, and Security.

Have fun!


  1. Choose whether you are working by yourself or with a group
  2. Select a topic
  3. Make an exploration document, and share with your teacher
  4. Explore the topic
  5. Create a project
  6. Communicate your topic to your class using your project