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3. Explore Technology at Work
Students can submit work

If you're working by yourself, choose a topic below.
If you're working with a group, have everyone in your group gather around one computer, then choose your topic together.

Choose a Topic
Veterinary Jobs and Technology
Discover how people in the field of veterinary medicine use technology to improve medical care for animals.
Technology in Farming
Learn how technology fuels innovations in agriculture and helps farmers produce crops more efficiently.
Technology Jobs and the Military
Explore how military professionals use technology while they serve and after re-entering civilian life.
The Field of Cyber Security
Discover how cyber professionals combine technology, programming knowledge, and detective skills to keep our data safe.
What Is Computer Programming?
Learn about the growing job field of computer programming and discover free resources to learn programming skills.
Technology in the Construction Industry
Learn how technology is used to make construction work safer, more efficient, and more cost effective.
How Technology Impacts Art and Artists
Discover how artists use technology to create animations, graphic designs, photographs, and fine art.
Technology in the Healthcare Professions
Discover how technology is used by medical professionals to treat and care for patients.
Technology in Sports Careers
Learn the many ways that technology is used in sports careers.
Technology in the Fashion Industry
Discover how fashion industry workers use technology to design and create new clothing.