4. Take Notes in a Table Wrap-Up

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In this lesson, you created and added notes to a note-taking template.

The notes you added to the template you created are meant to help you study more easily.

If you study them regularly, you will better understand the material.

To study, read the notes, then cover them with a piece of paper and look at the cue column.

See if you can answer the questions and define the words.

Then, reflect on the information.

Think about how it fits into other things you know and what else you would like to learn about the topic .

To create and add to your note-taking template, you: Created and named a new document, Added and formatted a table to create a template, And filled in the sections of your template with notes about a topic.

You can use this template over and over when you read a new chapter in a book, listen to a speech or lecture, or watch a short video for school.

You can even use this template to record what happens at a community or business meeting.

Taking notes will help you prepare for quizzes, tests, and other activities so you can continue to succeed!

Certificate of Completion

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Certificate of Completion

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