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In this video, you will create a title slide and choose a presentation theme. Then you will introduce the idea for your presentation.

To begin, select an idea for your presentation.

The example project shows an idea for a class trip, but you can create a presentation about any idea you like or one that your teacher assigns.

Think of something that is important to you that you would like to see happen in your school, community, or at home.

Add a descriptive title of your idea to the title slide . . .

Now think about the audience for your presentation: Who is the audience for your presentation? What is important to them?

Why should they care about your idea?

Add a subtitle to your title slide to describe the audience for your presentation.

Tailor both the content and design of your presentation to your audience. If your presentation is geared at students, you may want to design it differently than if it were directed at teachers or parents. Each group will have different interests, goals, and concerns.

Choose a theme for your presentation that is appropriate for your audience and idea.

The theme sets the format, font, and colors of your slides. Each theme gives your presentation a different look and feel. For example, a simple, professional theme may be more appropriate for an adult audience, while a more playful, colorful one may appeal more to students.

Next, add a new slide to your presentation to give an overview of your idea. First, select the layout you want to use. The layout determines how text and other objects are arranged on the slide. Choose a layout that allows you to add both a title and body, or main, text.

And add a title to the slide.

Most persuasive presentations highlight a problem and then offer a solution. Add a brief description of your idea that includes how this idea solves a particular problem. You might add other important information as well, such as who the idea involves, why it is important, and when you would like it to happen.

Now, it’s your turn: Choose an idea for your presentation, Add a title and your audience to the title slide, Select a presentation theme, Add a slide for your overview and title it, And write an overview of your idea.


  1. Choose an idea for your presentation.
  2. Add a title and your audience to the title slide.
  3. Select a presentation theme.
  4. Add a slide for your overview and title it.
  5. Write an overview of your idea.