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6. Show Appreciation with Google Slides Wrap-Up

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It’s important to show appreciation when someone helps you, makes an extra effort, or does their job well. Saying thank you communicates that you value the time and effort that person took to make your life a little better. Expressing gratitude builds a stronger, more supportive community for everyone. In this lesson you created a digital thank-you card using Google Slides to show your appreciation. A digital presentation is flexible, easy to update, and customizable. Using a digital presentation to create your thank-you card allows you to personalize your thank you message. You customized your digital card to reflect your personality too. Because you created your thank-you card with a digital presentation you were able to easily share your thank-you message online.

First, you chose a theme and wrote a title and subtitle.

Next you added multiple slides to the presentation.

On each slide you wrote a short sentence or phrase so that your message would unfold as the person you are thanking views the digital card.

Then, you previewed your presentation and made changes.

Finally, you published your presentation to the web and shared it with the person you are thanking.

Saying thank you recognizes that someone contributed to your wellbeing, acted with kindness, or did something positive for your school and your community.

Taking time to say thanks is a simple yet effective way to acknowledge and show respect.

But saying thank you is not the only reason to create a digital card. You can create a digital card for any occasion, such as a birthday, a holiday, a get well message, a message of encouragement, or just to say you miss someone.

Plus, slideshows are a useful way to communicate a variety of messages. You might create a slideshow to present a topic you’ve researched for school or work, report on a book you’ve read, or show class pictures from a field trip.

Have fun communicating with others using slideshows!

Certificate of Completion

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Certificate of Completion

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