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5. Publish Your Presentation to the Web

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In the previous video you completed your digital thank-you card, made edits, and previewed your slideshow in presentation mode.

In this video, you will publish it to the web.

Publishing your slideshow online allows you to: Share your presentation with a large group of people, Set up your presentation to open and play automatically in present mode, And creates a unique link that you can use to embed your presentation in a website or blog.

To embed your presentation means that it is incorporated on the website without needing to click on a link to open it in Google Slides. It will play automatically from the website. You can also embed a video in a presentation, for example, or a spreadsheet in a document.

Publishing your presentation to the web makes it public.

Consider if there is anything in your digital card that is private or that you wouldn’t want everyone to see. When your presentation is ready, publish it to the web.

You can: Use the URL to share a link to the website.

Or, embed the slideshow into a website, blog, or on social media.

Next, decide if you would like the slideshow to auto advance. That means your presentation will flip through each slide in the card until it is completed.

Choose how fast the slides change depending on how much time someone might need to read each slide.

Then, decide how the digital presentation starts. It can begin automatically when it loads or manually when someone presses the play button.

If you’d like, program your presentation to repeat in a loop, which means it continues playing over and over.

When you are happy with your slideshow, publish it.

Once you have published the presentation, copy the link. Then, open a new tab in your browser and paste the link in the address bar to view your presentation.

Next, email the link to the card to the person you are thanking.

Open Gmail and compose a new message.

After you publish your digital card, you can still make changes to it. Maybe you remember something else you want to add or see an error you would like to fix. Or maybe you published your digital card a long time ago and now it’s out of date.

To do this, unpublish your presentation so it is no longer public.

Make any changes.

Then, publish it again, if you’d like.

If you don’t want to publish your card online, there are other ways to send it.

Use the share button in the presentation to: Email a link directly to your file Or get a copy of the link and email it to your card recipient.


  1. Publish your presentation to the web.
  2. Copy the link and share it.