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In the previous video you chose a subject and a theme for your card, and you filled in your title slide. In this video, you will plan your message and add slides to your presentation.

Each slide should contain one short phrase or sentence. As the recipient of your card views your presentation, a little more of the message is revealed each time the slides advance.

To begin, think about what you want to say and how you would like your message to appear as your slideshow progresses. Write out your message on a piece of paper or type a list in a document to organize your thoughts, if you want.

Once you have decided on a message, plan how it will appear on your slides. Then, add the number of slides you need to express your message. In this example, each line of the thank-you message is on its own slide, so the recipient sees the different parts of the message one by one as the slides progress.

Create your slideshow any way you like.

To begin, add a new slide after your title slide.

Choose the layout you like best.

Then, add at least five more slides to complete your message. Use the same layout, or a different layout for each slide. If you aren’t sure how many slides you need, don’t worry. You can add, delete, and even move slides as you work.

Next, type the first part of your message on your first slide.

Name one thing you are thankful for, Be specific, and Keep it simple and short.

Then, move onto the next video to finish your digital thank-you message.

Now, it’s your turn: Plan your message, then Add at least five slides, and Type the first part of your message.


  1. Plan your message.
  2. Add at least five slides.
  3. Type the first part of your message.