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4. Finish Your Message and Preview Your Slideshow

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In the previous video, you added multiple slides to your digital card and started writing your appreciation message.

In this video, you will continue to fill out your slides with the different parts of your thank-you message. Then, you’ll preview your presentation and add a conclusion slide.

To begin, go to the next slide in your presentation. Type in the next short phrase or part of your message to the person you are thanking. Next, continue adding text to each slide until your message is complete. If you need to, add or delete slides so your message fills up your slideshow and you are happy with how your message is communicated across the different slides.

You can also rearrange your slide order.

When your message is complete, add another slide for your conclusion.

Think about how you want to end your card. You could say goodbye, thank the person again, or let them know you are looking forward to seeing them soon.

Preview your slides in present mode to see how your message looks when your slideshow plays.

Check that your message makes sense, and look for spelling errors.

Then, return to your slides to add text, change the order of slides, or make other changes.

Exit present mode.

Then, add or remove slides, or make changes to the text.

Preview your presentation again to see your changes.

Now, it’s your turn: Finish planning your message, Type a line of text on each slide, Add your conclusion slide, And preview your slideshow in present mode.


  1. Finish planning your message.
  2. Type in a line of text on each slide.
  3. Add your conclusion slide.
  4. Preview your slideshow in “present” mode.