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In this video, you will set up your presentation by choosing a theme and adding a title and subtitle.

When you create a presentation about a class or group project, you’ll want to show others in your school or community what you have accomplished.

You might share it with school administrators and board members at a meeting or assembly.

Or at an event with those in your community who will benefit from what you have achieved.

And of course, you can share it with everyone whose time and effort went into completing your project.

Setting up your presentation ensures that it will represent your hard work and the results that came from that work.

To begin, choose a theme.

Choosing a theme adds color and a specific design to your presentation.

The theme you choose should fit the goals of both your project and presentation: to share and celebrate your accomplishments.

Next, add a title to your title slide. Your title should state what your project is.

Then, add a subtitle.

Your subtitle might include more specific details, or the names of the people involved in the project, but it should also be brief and clear.

Your presentation might have several sections because you want to tell about the steps you completed as you worked on your project.

You can add a section header slide to label each part.

A section header slide is like a heading for the content that will be in the upcoming slides.

You can begin with a section to describe the goals and purpose of your project.

Then, add section header slides for the other parts of your presentation.

You might want to include a section for the steps you took to reach your goals, And another for your actual project results.

Now, it’s your turn: Choose a presentation theme, Add a title and subtitle, And add section header slides.


  1. Choose a presentation theme.
  2. Add a title and subtitle.
  3. Add section header slides.