6. Prepare Your Presentation for Your Audience

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In this video, you will add transitions to your presentation and run a spell check.

You are just about ready to celebrate your group and its accomplishments!

Before you share your presentation with an audience, though, you should complete some final preparations.

You want to make sure that your presentation is organized.

You also want your presentation to be informative and to keep your audience’s interest.

Everyone involved in the project should be able to appreciate your group’s hard work and accomplishments.

To begin, add transitions to your slides.

Transitions create a link between slides.

They also add another visual element to your presentation that can engage your audience.

If you are presenting in front of others, transitions can also be useful because they give you a moment to prepare for the next slide.

Choose a transition that will look interesting without distracting the audience from the details of your project that are included in the slides.

After you have chosen a transition, you can move to the next slide and add a different transition.

This can add variety to your presentation.

Or you can apply the same transition to all of your slides.

This can speed up the process and keep your presentation consistent.

Next, adjust the speed of your transitions.

Practice different speeds until you find one that suits your presentation style.

After you have adjusted your slide transitions, run a spell check.

As you added text, you might have proofread and edited. However, it’s easy to miss your own mistakes.

A spell check will catch what you didn’t see.

Now, it’s your turn: Add transitions to your slides, And run a spell check.


  1. Add transitions to your slides.
  2. Complete a spell check.