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In this video, you will add slides to your presentation to describe the results of your project and celebrate your accomplishments.

Doing a big project like a neighborhood cleanup takes a lot of effort, time, and resources.

Showing others the results of that hard work gives you and your group a sense of pride.

If community members, school administrators, or leaders contributed to your project, this is your chance to show them how their contributions helped the project and the community.

Placing results, and the steps your group took to reach those results, on slides highlights your group’s accomplishments so that others can share in them.

If you shared your presentation with members of your group, they can help you complete the slides.

To begin, add a new slide to begin the descriptions for your first section.

If you began with a section about your purpose and goals, you want to describe to your audience why you and your group decided to start this project.

If you and your group have something unique that you want to share about yourselves, such as a fun fact or motto, you can add that in a new slide in whichever section it best fits.

Adding slides in your next section to describe the steps you took to complete the project will highlight your efforts to your audience.

You can tell about how much time you spent working on the project, who helped you along the way, and anything else that describes your hard work and the support you received.

Adding slides to focus on the results of your project is important.

You want to celebrate your accomplishments by describing each result.

Using a different layout to emphasize each result separately can help.

Share details that will let your audience know what you have achieved.

You can also include information to highlight any people, companies, or other groups who helped you in your efforts.

Continue adding slides to show your results.

In the next video, you will be able to make your slides look even better by formatting your text in different ways and adding other visual elements to your existing slides.

Now, it’s your turn: Add at least three slides to your presentation, Use at least two different layouts, And add project descriptions to your slides.


  1. Add at least three slides to your presentation.
  2. Use at least two different layouts.
  3. Add project descriptions to your slides.