4. Add Emphasis to Your Project Descriptions

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In this video, you will format the text descriptions in your slides to add emphasis to project details.

You have added text to your slides to tell your audience about your project.

You can make your slides even more effective by formatting your descriptions.

When you format text, you add emphasis to it.

This can highlight the importance of the project descriptions you have included in your presentation.

Your audience will notice these formatted details, so they can better appreciate all of your accomplishments.

To begin, find a slide with text you want to add emphasis to.

Any headings you added help guide your audience to understand what part of the project your slides are about.

You can make the headings bold, capitalize them, or both.

You can use bullet points or numbers for other project details.

Details that are in the form of a list, such as your group’s goals, can be formatted with bullet points.

Any big project requires many steps to complete it.

Your group most likely had to work on several things during your project.

Adding bullet points or numbers to the steps you took to complete your project adds emphasis to each individual step and makes your list easier to read.

You can also use italics to emphasize text.

You can add italics to certain words, phrases, or sentences that you want your audience to notice, but in a more subtle way.

Adding italics to a detail, such as a quote from a group member or a community or school leader, or your motto, brings attention to that detail.

Now, it’s your turn: Format your text in at least three different ways.


  1. Format your text in at least three different ways.