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1. Introduction to Schedule Project Tasks in Google Sheets

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When beginning a new project, especially one that involves multiple people, it is helpful to organize project tasks, meetings, and other activities.

A schedule is a tool that everyone working on the project can use to stay coordinated and on target for completing tasks.

In this lesson, you will collaborate with a group in a Google Sheets template to create a schedule for a community project.

The project in the example for this lesson is a neighborhood cleanup event, but you can create a spreadsheet for your own project.

You will use a template to give you the basic structure for your schedule.

You can use the template as is, or you can change it so it works better for your project.

As you complete this project, you will: Set up your schedule using a template, Share your schedule with your group, Add tasks to your schedule, And add and respond to comments in your schedule.

This lesson uses Google Sheets, but you could apply these skills and concepts using any spreadsheet application, or even pencil and paper.

To work on this lesson, sign in to your Google account.

Open a new tab in your browser, and navigate to Google dot com.

If you are not signed in, do so now.

If you do not have a Google account, pause the video and create one now.

For part of this lesson, you will work with a group of 3-4 people.

If you don’t have a group, ask your teacher to assign you to one.

Gather around one group member’s computer now.

To begin, open a new template in Google Sheets.

There are many templates to choose from to create different types of spreadsheets.

For this lesson, choose the schedule template.

Then, give it a title.

Then move on to the next lesson to start creating your schedule.

Now, it’s your turn: Log in to your Google account, Form your groups and gather around one student’s computer, Open a schedule template in Google Sheets, And give it a title.


  1. Log in to your Google account.
  2. Form your groups and gather around one student’s computer.
  3. Open a schedule template in Google Sheets.
  4. Give it a title.