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In this video, you will add and respond to comments in your schedule.

Inserting comments is an effective way to communicate with your group about your schedule.

By collaborating with your group on your schedule in this way, you help ensure that every task is covered, all details are clear, and no important tasks or events are missed.

To begin, add a comment to the schedule.

For example, you might volunteer for a task.

Or, ask a question to clarify details about a task or event.

You can direct your comment to a specific person by including their email address.

You might request that another person take on a task or coordinate an activity.

Or, make a suggestion about something in the schedule.

You can respond to comments directly in the schedule.

And resolve comments once they’ve been addressed.

Now, it’s your turn: Add comments to the schedule, Respond to other people’s comments, And resolve comments after they’ve been addressed.


  1. Add comments to the schedule.
  2. Respond to other people’s comments.
  3. Resolve comments after they’ve been addressed.