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2. Set Your Goals and Write Your Email

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In this video, you will address your email and brainstorm at least three goals to set for this school year.

Type your email address in the address field.

Your teacher may also ask you to include their email address.

Start your email with a greeting to yourself at the beginning of the email.

Begin with an opening sentence. You might describe the date, the time of year and the grade you are currently in.

Brainstorm your first goal for the school year.

Then, add a second goal.

Write at least one more goal in your brainstorming list.

If you can think of two more, add them now.

Read through your goals.

Make sure they are: Clear, Realistic, and Time-limited.

A goal is “clear” when it’s well-defined and specific.

For example, rather than saying that you want to “do better” in school... might say: “I want to improve by one letter grade” in a certain subject.

Your goal is now clear.

Next, make sure your goal is realistic.

A goal is realistic if it is possible to achieve with the time and resources you have.

For example, you might want to learn the trumpet to play first trumpet solo at your band concert.

But if you only have a month to practice, your goal is not realistic.

Instead, set a goal you can achieve in the time you have...

...such as learning to play a short piece of music.

Set aside time to work on your goal. It can be a small amount of time each day.

Type a sentence with that realistic goal in your email.

Finally, attach a time limit to your goal. That’s called giving yourself a deadline.

A deadline can motivate you because you have a date on your calendar to work toward!

For example, if you want to improve your grade in a subject, state in your goal email that you will raise it by a certain date.

Close your email with a few words of encouragement to yourself. Then sign your name.

Once you have checked and revised your goals, move on to the next video to format your text.

Now, it’s your turn: Brainstorm at least three goals, Make sure they are clear, realistic and time-limited. And write them in your email draft.


  1. Brainstorm at least three goals.
  2. Make sure they are clear, realistic and time-limited.
  3. Write them in your email draft.