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In this video, you will format the text in your email to draw attention to your goals and make them easier to find and read.

First, read the sentences that you wrote in your email.

Then, use formatting tools to emphasize the parts of the sentences that contain your goals.

You could italicize the goal to make it stand out...

Use bold...

or underline the text.

Now, look at your email. The formatted text has more emphasis than the surrounding text.

Finally, add different text colors to each goal to make them stand out.

Then, move on to the next video to add emojis and an image to your goal email.

Now, it’s your turn: Use italics, bold, and underline to make your goals stand out, And change the text color.


  1. Use italics, bold and underline to make your goals stand out.
  2. Change the text color.