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5. Choose a Date to Send Your Email

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In this video, you will choose a date to receive your goals email.

Usually, when you send an email, it is delivered right away to the person you addressed it to.

When you schedule delivery, your email will arrive at a future date and time that you choose.

Choose a day to check your progress toward reaching your goal.

If you want to improve your grade in a subject, send your goals email in the middle of your school quarter or semester to remind yourself about that goal.

Look at today’s date on the calendar. Then, count four weeks forward from today on your calendar.

Schedule your goals email to arrive on that day.

Choose the schedule delivery option in your email message. Then, select the date and time.

Or if you want to try out for a school or community team, schedule a “send” for a month before tryouts to check on how your training is going.

Find the date of your tryout. Then, count four weeks backward and choose that date to send your goals email.

Schedule it!

Now, return to your inbox. Your email is scheduled and ready to send.

Your scheduled delivery email will remind you about your goals!

Move on to the next video to wrap-up the lesson.

Now, it’s your turn: Schedule delivery for your goals letter.


  1. Schedule delivery for your goal email.