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In this video, you will add emojis and a photo to personalize your goal letter and make it more fun and meaningful!

An emoji is a small digital image or icon used to express an idea or emotion.

You might already use emojis when you text a friend or family member to share how you are feeling...

...or tell a funny story.

Emojis brighten up a personal letter and make it more fun to read.

They also draw attention to your text and illustrate your words.

Use emojis in emails to yourself or to someone that you know well. You would not use an emoji with someone that you do not know or in a professional email.

To start, search for an emoji that communicates one of your goals.

Then, insert the emoji next to the goal in your email.

If you included a goal about school, add an emoji to represent your studies.

Keep adding emojis to your goals until they are all represented.

Then, add an image to represent how you see yourself in the future.

Include a photo of yourself playing the guitar or scoring that goal.

Or, find an image of a person or object that inspires you.

Upload an image from your device or Google Drive...

Or search the web for an image that represents the future you!

Make sure you have permission to use the image.

Then, copy the URL of the link with the image and paste into your email.

Now, it’s your turn: Add emojis to illustrate your goals, And add an image representing yourself.


  1. Add emojis to illustrate your goals.
  2. Add an image representing yourself.