5. Research Educational Requirements

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Different jobs require different kinds of education or training. Trade schools, certification programs, and colleges are a few examples. In this video, you will research the educational requirements for the career paths you are interested in.

Many professions offer a way to increase your knowledge and skills with additional education and training. If you find different educational requirements for the same career as you research, choose the minimum requirement. For example, you might learn that the minimum required degree for a journalist is a Bachelor's degree, but you could go on to earn a Master’s.

Also, not all professions require a degree. For some, you might need a certificate or licence. Or you might have to complete an apprenticeship with on-the-job training.

To begin research the minimum education required for someone who wants to go into the first job on your spreadsheet. Review requirements from at least three sources to make sure your information is reliable. Type the education requirement and the source into your sheet.

Next, record the most common education requirement for this career, according to your sources.

At the bottom of the column, add a label such as "minimum requirement” and bold it.

Then, add the educational requirement that appeared most often in your research.

Then, repeat these steps to find the educational requirements for additional careers.

Now, it’s your turn: Insert educational requirements and sources, Add a “minimum requirement” label under your sources and bold it, Add the most common educational requirement, And repeat these steps for additional careers.


  1. Insert educational requirements and sources.
  2. Add a “minimum requirement” label under your sources and bold it.
  3. Add the most common educational requirement.
  4. Repeat these steps for additional careers.