2. Add Column Headers and Research Pay Rates

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In this video, you will insert column headers to organize your research, add careers to your spreadsheet, and explore the average pay rate of the careers.

To begin, add column titles, also called headers, for the information you will research: career, pay rate, job outlook, required education, and cost of education.

You may add additional areas to research, as well.

As you research, you will list the sources for your information in your spreadsheet.

Insert columns to show the sources for each of your research categories...

and add a “source” header to each column.

Make all of your headers bold.

Now add at least two careers you’d like to research to your spreadsheet.

You can choose more if you’d like, but select at least two so you can compare them.

Wrap longer text so it fits in each cell.

Now research the annual pay rate for the first career you listed.

Type the name of the career you are searching for and the words "average pay rate" or "entry level pay rate."

Be aware that pay rates could be listed in hourly, monthly, or annual increments.

You will likely find a range of pay rates.

Pay rates for most jobs vary depending on the local area.

Pay rates may also increase with experience and education.

As you research, look at pay rates for both entry-level workers and those with more experience or education.

These are important factors to consider for long-term career planning.

Also, try to find out where a site gets its information; if it doesn’t say, it might be a questionable source.

Sources are generally located at the bottom of Web pages.

To help you get a general sense of what the career pays, use at least three different sources.

Insert rows and add the names of the sources you’ve selected.

Then enter the pay rate each source lists as typical for that career.

Repeat these steps to record pay rate information for any additional careers you listed.

Now, it’s your turn: Add column headers, bold them, and wrap text, List at least two careers, Insert rows, Insert pay rates and sources, And repeat these steps for additional careers.


  1. Add column headers, bold them, and wrap text.
  2. List at least two careers.
  3. Insert rows.
  4. Insert pay rates and sources.
  5. Repeat these steps for additional careers.