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5. Test for Credibility Wrap Up

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In this activity, you learned ways to test information sources for credibility.

You and your partner created a fake article that had clues that the article was not credible.

Then, you evaluated another pair’s article for credibility.

The internet is full of content and information, and not all of it is trustworthy or true.

Cybercriminals send emails or create websites to trick a reader into revealing personal information.

This is called “phishing.”

People write fake news to start rumors that can damage the reputation of an individual or a business.

And lots of people alter photographs or videos to look realistic when they are really fake.

Even when you read items that *seem* legitimate, take the time to test *everything* you read or encounter for credibility.

In the next activity, you’ll research information on a topic and determine if the sources you find are credible.