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2. Explore the Script Editor

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In this video, you will open the Script Editor and learn how it works.

The script editor lets you add personalized features and functionality to G-Suite applications.

The language you will use to write the code for your pop-up message is called *JavaScript.* JavaScript is one of many coding languages.

It is particularly good for designing internet content and websites.

To start, open the script editor.

This is where you will write your code.

From the tools menu in your document, select “script editor.”

A new tab opens with a coding screen.

Your research notes are still open in Google Docs in the first tab.

Name your code “Opening Message.”

The script editor contains starter code.

This code is in every project, and it includes *curly braces*.

They tell the computer when to start and stop performing actions.

A left curly brace signals the start of the code, and a right curly brace indicates the end.

Click to the right of the first curly brace in your script editor.

The left and right braces turn the same color.

In the next video, you will put your code here, between the two curly braces.

Now, it’s your turn: Open the script editor And name your project “Opening Message” Then, click the next arrow to move on.


  1. Open the script editor.
  2. Name the project “Opening Message.”