3. Update the Text in Your Own Words

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When you create a presentation to share with a large group, your text is really important.

The text needs to be complete and clear, so people will understand your slideshow even if you are not there to explain its meaning.

In this video, you will rewrite the text in the presentation template in your own words.

To begin, go to the next slide in your presentation.

Each slide in the template has text provided for you.

Use this text as a guide for what to write, but replace the text with your own words.

Keep your writing clear, simple, and short.

But include enough information so your audience will understand the presentation without having you there to answer questions about it.

Use the remaining slides to give more details about your topic.

Include enough information for viewers to understand the slide on their own.

Update at least 4 slides about your topic in your presentation.

Cover your topic with enough detail so that readers will understand without the help of a speaker.

Add additional slides if you need to, and change the layout to fit the type of information on the slide.

If there are slides you don’t want to use in your presentation right now, but might want to update later, select Skip Slide.

Skipping hides the slide from viewers, but allows you to still see them in the outline in case you need it again.

If there are slides in the template that do not apply to your project, or you don’t plan to use in the future, delete them.


  1. Select a template.
  2. Add a title and your name.
  3. Update the text on all your slides.
  4. Add, delete, or skip slides as needed.