2. Build your Presentation with a Template

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In this video, you will choose a template for your presentation.

A template saves you time by providing a structure and design elements.

It helps you create a professional, visually-appealing presentation.

An organized presentation will get the attention of your audience and communicate information clearly without you being there to explain anything.

To begin, select a template.

Update the presentation name with a file name that relates to your project.

A filename that mentions what your project is about helps you find your file more quickly.

It also keeps you focused on the theme of the presentation as you work.

Update the title of your presentation on the first slide.

The title should give the audience an idea of what your presentation is about and the kind of information to expect.

A descriptive title is especially helpful for your audience to read when you are not there to present it.

Replace the text below the title with your name.


  1. Select a template.
  2. Add a title and your name.