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In this video, you will add images to your slides.

A strong presentation uses more than words.

It explains a topic visually with images.

Images help grab your audience’s attention and illustrate what you are presenting in a visually interesting way.

This is especially important for presentations where a speaker is not present.

To begin, go to a slide where an image would help explain the text or provide a good example of what is described.

Search the internet for an image related to the topic of your presentation.

When you find an image, make sure you have the right to use it.

Since you will share your presentation with a large group, online, and on a website, you should make certain you use images that are free to use.

Add moving images, like animated GIFs, to give your presentation an even more dynamic look.

Resize, crop, and move pictures so they fit in the empty spaces in the slides and do not cover up the text.

Add at least 3 images to your presentation.


  1. Search online for an image.
  2. Make sure you have the right to use the image.
  3. Add at least three images to your presentation.
  4. Adjust the images to fit on the slides.