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In this video, you will: add transitions between slides, and add animated elements on your slides.

Effects like animations and transitions add movement to your slides.

They engage your audience and help you bring extra attention to parts of your project, since you won’t be there to point out what is important to your audience.

To start, choose a transition.

A transition is a visual effect that occurs when slides advance.

Transitions can help your digital presentation flow and keep your audience interested.

Apply the same transition to all your slides, or choose different transitions for different parts of your presentation.

While using transitions adds movement and interest to your presentation, too many different transition types can be distracting and draw your audience’s attention away from your message.

Next, choose an object in your presentation to animate.

Animations make shapes, images, or text boxes dynamic with effects such as: fade in or out, appear and disappear, or fly in and out.

Animation helps draw attention to a specific element.

What is the most important part of your slide?

What do you want to draw attention to?

On the first slide, perhaps you want to bring focus to the title.

After selecting an element, such as text or an image, choose from the list of animation effects.

Select after previous to make the animation happen automatically as the slideshow progresses.

Test different animations until you find one that works best for your presentation.

Adjust the speed of the animations until you are happy with the effect.

Animations are played in the order they appear in the animations pane.

To change the order, drag an animation up or down in the list.

Images can also be animated.

Click on an image to animate it.

Follow the same steps you did for the text to animate the image.

Make sure the animations begin after the previous slide, so they run automatically.

Add at least 3 animations to your presentation.

Finally, review your transitions and animations in present mode.


  1. Choose transitions to appear between slides.
  2. Animate the important text and images on your slides.
  3. Adjust the effects and the speed of the animations.
  4. Review the animations and transitions in present mode.